Friday, August 24, 2001

MRTGPL10.ZIP v1.0 for BBBS

Perl script for reading the mrtg info from the BBBS standard port.  To be run by mrtg ( example script & configuration information is provided) to update mrtg created pages for BBBS related info. Note that the development for this has been done on a Debian Linux v2.2 system, running the Linux version of BBBS.

The parameter to use for bbbsd is "mrtgd:16425", as in the following example on my linux system (check your manual for any differences if you are running a different OS):

/opt/bbbs/bbbsd 1 7 smtpd:1025  mrtgd:16425  "fork" "quiet" "uid:bbbs" &

Sunday, June 10, 2001

FTN Perl project at SourceForge

Created the ftnpl project at SourceForge, which is to provide a repository of Perl scripts, or links to where such Perl scripts might be found, for use on Fidonet Technology Networks (FTN) systems. A longer term goal is for the development of Perl Module(s), using the "FTN" namespace.
- Project Home Page:
- Project Summary Page: