Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Initial Reorganization of FTNPL respository

Initial Steps for reorganization of the SourceForge ftnpl project SVN repository after the import from the CVS repository.

Monday, October 13, 2008 3.0 Released! 3.0 is now available for [download]( The new features are described in detail at .

Thursday, October 9, 2008

JamNNTPd source archive

  As part of the investigation into packaging JamNNTPd for Debian, I had a need for a source archive to use for it. Could not locate the authors' original Jamnntpd website but was able to locate an archive for version v1.0 at, file name Created a source archive to experiment with from that after removing the directory win32-exe, which contained MS Windows executables.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ttylog 0.1.c-ppa1 for Ubuntu Hardy

Uploaded ttylog 0.1.c-ppa1 package to my Launchpad PPA for a Ubuntu Hardy build.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Migrated BBBSDEB to a bzr repository

Migrated the code respository for the BBBSDEB project from SVN to a BZR repository.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

MakeNL v3.2.7d for Ubuntu Hardy

Uploaded MakeNL v3.2.7d-1 package to my Launchpad PPA for a Ubunty Hardy build.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Initial SyncTERM Debian package

Create an initial version of a Debian package for SyncTERM
Added doc files to debian/doc (r145). Added installation directorys to debian/dirs (r149). Created initial version of debian/copyright (r150). Created initial version of debian/menu (r151). Initial version of debian/rules (r153). Added notes regarding cryptlib (r154).
Initial version of SyncTERM created, v0.9.2 as of 20080406, Debian v0.1.

Monday, September 8, 2008

LedgerSMB 1.2.16 Released

The LedgerSMB Core Team announced the release of version 1.2.16, which corrects one issue with price matrix error handling introduced in 1.2.15 and also issues with running LedgerSMB on Perl 5.10.0.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

cryptlib library lintian error

Lintian error:
* sharedobject-in-library-directory-missing-soname usr/lib/
* sharedobject-in-library-directory-missing-soname usr/lib/
Part of the extended description of this tag is:
> A shared object was identified in a library directory (i.e. a directory in the standard linker path) which doesn't have a SONAME. This is usually an error.
If the SONAME should always include the major version number then, then the symlink should be; or should just include another symbolic link using just Or it could be better to install the file itself as, with symbolic links to the full name & the short name If so; will need to change the writeup in README.source and create a new source archive that includes that change.
Updated debian/README.source as follows: Remove Create symbolic links from to & (r180,r181)). Made corrections to the source archive being used.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Java Telnet App for SBBS

One of the applications that comes with Synchronet is a Java Telnet Applet. The Java Telnet Applet (jta) is already a standard packaage in Debian: will neeed to investigate the use of that version of jta, instead of the version that is distributed with Synchronet.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

rpath issue

The contents of the library build out directory, LIBODIR, are being installed to /opt/synchronet/exec. The second path noted on line 116 in src/sbbs3/GNUmakefile can be changed to $(SBBSDIR)/exec like it is for the first path in order for it to come up that way. Might be best, for now, to make (& document) the change in the original source archive.
Added & corrected note to debian/README.source about correcting the LD_RUN_PATH line in src/sbbs3/GNUmakefile. (r164)(r165)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BZR Repository for MBSE BBS?

Tried  created a bzr repository from the existing svn repository.

  • bzr svn-import --all -v /srv/svn/mbsedeb
But when attempted to view it using trac, it was hardly usable


Further commits to the SVN repository for MBSE BBS Debian packaging

  • debian/TODO as of 23 July 2008" (rev 51)
  • Bump Debian version to 0.2 (rev 50)
  • Tag initial debian package version of 0.92.0-0.1 (rev 49)
Reorganize tags directory. (rev 48)
  • Adding         tags/0.92.0
  • Adding         tags/0.92.0/pre1
  • Adding         tags/0.92.0/pre1/20080224
  • Deleting       tags/20080224

First attempt at an install of -0.1 resulted in errors:
  • update-rc.d: warning: /etc/init.d/mbsebbs missing LSB style header (ticket )
  • MBSE BBS: No 'mbse' user in the password file. (ticket  )

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Futher MBSE BBS Packaging changes

  • Correct example directory from being doubled up. (rev 36)
  • Do not install examples/Makefile to package. (rev 37)
  • Install copies of script/* files to doc/mbsebbs/examples. (rev 38)
  • Install non maintenance scripts to /opt/mbse/bin. (rev 39)
  • Install language files to /opt/mbse/share/int. (rev 40)
  • Correct script directory name in debian/install. (rev 41)
  • Correct spelling of mbsedos in debian/install. (rev 42)
  • Correct spelling of in debian/install. (rev 43)
  • Install html doc files to doc/mbsebbs/html. (rev 44)
  • Do not install README files. (rev 45)
  • Install copy of crontab file (cron.d) to examples directory. (rev 46)
  • debian/TODO as of 19 July 2008. (rev 47)

Friday, July 18, 2008

MBSE BBS packaging changes

  • Correct name of mbtoberep in debian/install. (rev 30)
  • Correct path for ftp/incoming in debian/dirs. (rev 31)
  • Not using the mbsebbs Makefile install target in debian/rules. (rev 32)
  • Correct index file name in debian/mbsebbs.doc-base. (rev 33)
  • Install default maintenance scripts to /opt/mbse/bin/adm. (rev 34)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More MBSE BBS package updates

  • Initial version of debian/dirs for base directory /opt/mbse. (rev 25)
  • Correct paths to opt/mbse for debian/dirs. (rev 26)
  • Correct prefix parameters for configure target in debian/rules. (rev 27)
  • Initial version of debian/install.  Enable dh_install in debian/rules. (rev 28)

Still need to get the scripts from scripts dir installed, with the mbse root variable replaced with /opt/mbse  sed? perhaps after install to debian/mbsebbs/opt/mbse/bin/adm ?
(which still needs to be created if I'm going to use it.)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Set autoconfigure variables for MBSE BBS

MBSE BBS Debian  packaging

  • The installation time group and owner are being set for autoconfigure  generated files in using the GROUP & OWNER variables.
  • Need to set those to "root" there?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Initial bbbs-installer edits

  • Initial description of package to debian/control.
  • Set as UNRELEASED in debian/changelog.
  • Initial edit of debian/rules.
  • Initial updates of the README files.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

development dependency for MBSE BBS

Commited the following change to the MBSE BBS SVN repository:

  • Add libz & libbz2 dev packages to debian/control." (rev 22)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sync zmodem code makes packages non-free

Due to issues with the zmodem code, it may also be more appropriate for it to be in non-free.
* Update debian/control to reflect being non-free due to current zmodem code. (r159)
* Update debian/copyright regarding zmodem files for Synchronet. (r160)(r150)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

MBSE BBS packaging updates

Commited the following changes to the local MBSE BBS SVN repository.

  • Initial version of debian/control. (r17)
  • Initial version of debian/TODO. (rev 16)
  • Install example files to package. (rev 15)
  • Change distribution to UNRELEASED in debian/changelog. (rev 14)
  • Will be creating man pages dynamically. (rev 13)
  • Plan to use the debian/post* & debian/pre* scripts.
  • Initial version of debian/cron.d. (rev 11)
  • Initial version of debian/init.d. (rev 10)
  • By default, installation goes to /opt. (rev 9)
  • Initial cleanup of debian/rules. (rev 8)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

SBBS default 'TempDirectory' is not set

The Temp Directory variable in ctrl/sbbs.ini is not set by default but Synchronet assumes it is the only user of the directory. Install directory? Provide in an example sbbs.ini file?
Install /opt/syncrhonet/temp directory: add directory to debian/dirs (r183) Add Lintian override for temp directory (r184).
Add example sbbs.ini file with the Temp Directory variable set to /opt/synchronet/temp. (r185)

SBBS: Warnings from dpkg-shlibdeps, Part 2

Warnings during a test package build: dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: format of `NEEDED' not recognized
As noted in a prevsious entry about this: Per , that is an issue with the _name_ of the library file rather then with the file itself. Esp. seems to expect a version number in a particular format as part of the name.

SBBS: Lintian errors: unusual-interpreter

Lintian warning "unusual-interpreter" on two files in /opt/synchronet/exec:
* unusual-interpreter ./opt/synchronet/exec/gnats_cvs.js #!/sbbs/exec/jsexec
* unusual-interpreter ./opt/synchronet/exec/sendmail.js #!/sbbs/exec/jsexec
The Interpreter path is incorrect; should be /opt/synchronet/exec for the debian package instead of /sbbs/exec as it is distributed. it's parameter path for ctrl is also incorrect. It is not being set in the build. Use something like dpatch to correct?
Register jsexec as a valid interpreter? That would not help with the lintian error itself; create an override for it.
Since the files are not being updated during the build & an original source archive is already being created after downloads of the source & runtime, could just make the change to referencing the correct path as part of creating the Debian original source archive.
In the original files exec/gnats_cvs.js and exec/sendmail.js in the original archive: corrected the first line from being
> #!/sbbs/exec/jsexec -x -c /sbbs/ctrl
to being
> #!/opt/synchronet/exec/jsexec -x -c /opt/synchronet/ctrl
Added a note about it to debian/README.source (r176).
Added lintian overrides for the issue (r177). Corrected the file paths in the files in the original source archive. Added a note about doing that to debian/README.source (r176). Added Lintian overrides for jsexec (r177).

Monday, May 5, 2008

SBBS: Lintian overrides file issues

Package checker (lintian) is not seeing overrides file when checking a binary package. A debian/source.lintian-overrides file is present in the source package but is not being installed with the binary package. Also found other issues with it.
* Adding installation of Lintian overrides file to binary package into debian/rules (r125):
> install -c -m 444 debian/synchronet.lintian-overrides debian/synchronet/usr/share/lintian/overrides/synchronet
* Checked examples from other packages and it also looks like i have the lintian overrides file named incorrectly; it should be synchronet.lintian-overrides instead of source.lintian-overrides. Corrected name of lintian overrides file in debian the directory. (r123)
* Added lintian overrides directory to debian/dirs. (r130)
* Lintian override lines not formated correctly: correct lintian override lines. (r133)

rpath issue for SBBS?

Added JSLIBDIR, NSPRDIR, & CRYPTLIBDIR to 'make sbbs3' line in debian/rules (r131). The correct paths are added in a v3.14a build but are being added to the current directory rather than being added by themselves. (That issue looks like it is corrected in the current v3.15a version.)
Two possible ways to fix this:
* Use chrpath to just set the correct paths directly. This would need to be done for each executable that needs it.
* Fix the make file src/sbbs3/GNUmakefile directly (line 116). This could be done using something like dpatch.
Because one of the paths (5 total) being set is a private library, can't/shouldn't delete the whole thing: the first path is the for the SBBS exec directory. The 2nd is set by the variable LIBODIR. The 3rd is for the mozjs library, JSLIBDIR The 4th is for the nspr library, NSPRDIR. And the 5th is for cryptlib, CRYPTLIBDIR.
LIBODIR is the library build output directory; not needed for the package. Since all of the rest is the standard library directory, only actually need the /opt/synchronet/exec directory?
The issue is that "$(PWD" is included in the line (116) that defines the RPATH:
That was fixed for v3.15a (current CVS). Since have to create a original archive anyway (source + runtime), that can be edited before being used (& a note about it added to debian/README.source).

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Default ctrl/ directory for SBBS?

In the case of synchronet/ctrl/*; debian packaging does have the idea of a conffile (configuration file), which is treated differently by the package installer. If a list of such files is provided in the package, the installer checks them before running the postinst script: "If neither the user nor the package maintainer has changed the file, it is left alone. If one or the other has changed their version, then the changed version is preferred".
Now, up until now I've been thinking to avoid the whole issue by installing ctrl/* to /usr/share/synchronet/ctrl & using a copy of that at (now) /opt/synchronet/ctrl (because of the number of files in ctrl/*, & also because I wasn't using a default installation directory); initiially by advising to do a manual copy, later by doing it in the postinst script. But if the postinst script handles the copy, there still needs to be a way to determine if a config file needs to be copied or not; and if that is going to be done in an automated way, may as well take advantage of the existing automated handling of such files... (I still like the idea of having unaltered copies available as a reference, but that can be taken care of by putting them in an examples directory.)
Change to using /opt/synchronet/ctrl as the default ctrl/* directory. (r119)

SBBS Debian ITP Update

Updated the [Debian ITP](# 418776), as follows:

Switched back to working on initial packaging for v3.14a after being advised of a usable source archive for that version. A 'package source archive' still needs to be created because that 'source archive' does not include the runtime files and directories, only the source; but it does compile.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

SBBS: Lintian warning: file-in-unusual-dir

Lintian warning "file-in-unusual-dir" on multiple files being installed to /opt/synchronet
Added Lintian override for Lintian warning file-in-unusual-dir. (r107) to go along with the exiting override for the opt install. (ticket:14)

SBBS: empty-directory opt/synchronet/mods/

Lintian warning: package-contains-empty-directory opt/synchronet/mods/
The mods/ directory is a standard directory but is distributed empty because it is only intended for use by the administrator of the system after SBBS has been installed.
Added Lintian override for empty /opt/synchronet/mods directory, plus an explanation of it. (r106)

Lintian error "dir-or-file-in-opt" on multiple files.

Get the following error when building a 3.14a package:
> dir-or-file-in-opt
* Added lintian override for installing files to /opt. (r99)
* Added note about need for opt install to debian/source.lintian-overrides. (r105)
> Per upstream:
> Synchronet is better suited to a /opt install.
> A huge number of things use relative paths and those paths are almost always
relative to ctrl. A fairly major scrub to replace those would be required.

Lintian warning: windows-thumbnail-database

Lintian warning: windows-thumbnail-database-in-package usr/share/synchronet/web/root/images/nightshade/Thumbs.db
An explanation of the tag:
> There is a file in the package named Thumbs.db or Thumbs.db.gz, which is normally a Windows image thumbnail database. Such databases are generally useless in Debian packages and were usually accidentally included by copying complete directories from the source tarball.
Removed the file from the source archive being used. Add note about deleting web/root/images/nightshade/Thumbs.db to debian/README.source (r104)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Use /opt/synchronet as the default base install directory?

I hadn't been aware of the extent of the issue with relative paths but had thought there might be something like that present. Because of it, I had been using /usr/lib/synchronet as the install directory for exec/* and then manually using a symlink to a runtime directory in /svr along with symlinks or sub-directories for the rest of the SBBS files and directories. It looks like it may be better, at this time in the development work, to use the /opt/synchronet file layout instead.
* Change to using /opt/synchronet as the main directory. (r94)
* Change to using /opt/synchronet/exec as the main executables directory. (r98)
* Add lintian override for installing files to /opt. (r99)

rpath issue in SBBS Debian builds

Lintian warnings on each executable: binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath
Reference also for a writeup on this issue in Debian.
Note that besides anything else, the rpath being set in the executables by the original build system is not useful because it is a build time path rather than an actual runtime path.

Error at sbbs startup about unable to find

After package installation & initial configuration, the following error comes up when attempting to start sbbs:
* /usr/lib/synchronet/sbbs: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

SBBS ITP update

Added a note to the Debian [ITP #418776]( via email as follows:
Note that although the last stable version of Synchronet was v3.14a, the Linux version of that does not compile (reference, for instance, i have therefore been working on packaging v3.15a, which is currently under development.
Information regarding my work in progress is available at:

Syntax error in debian/control: duplicate field Vcs-Browser found

After updating the build system to Debian Testing (lenny), get the following error when attempting a package build:
> dpkg-checkbuilddeps: error: syntax error in debian/control at line 10: duplicate field Vcs-Browser found
Apparantly, only one such line is allowed. Removed extra Vcs-Browser line in debian/control. (r91)

Monday, March 31, 2008

Warnings from dpkg-shlibdeps, Part 1

Warnings during a test package build:
* dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: format of `NEEDED' not recognized
* dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: format of `NEEDED' not recognized
* dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: format of `NEEDED' not recognized
* dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: format of `NEEDED' not recognized
* dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: format of `NEEDED' not recognized
* dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: format of `NEEDED' not recognized

A Source archive for v3.15a as of 20080211

Createing a source archive for Synchronet release 3.15a, from CVS as of 20080211
Note that this version of the procedure uses the pre-compiled library file for cryptlib.

A source archive for Synchronet v3.14a

A distribution source archive for Synchronet release 3.14a was not available from the authors site. Create one for use with working creating a Debian package.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

MBSE BBS Trac Instance

Did the initial setup of a local Trac instance for use with MBSE BBS.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Minor Debian packaging edits for MBSE BBS

Some intial work in the MBSE BBS Debian packaging.

  • svn ci -m "Set Debian version in debian/changelog to 0.1" changelog (rev 6)
  • svn delete emacsen-install.ex emacsen-remove.ex emacsen-startup.ex
  • svn ci -m "Not useing debian/emacsen*"   (rev 7)

Friday, February 29, 2008

HwB package archives

Had already obtained some of the HwB (The Hardware Book) Debian archives. Will get the rest that are available from the Debian Repositories [1] and then import them in to the [SVN]( repository I set up locally.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Initial MBSE BBS SVN repository work

Did some work in my local MBSE BBS SVN repository.

  • Initial import (from dir where initial debian directory was created
  • Tagged the initial debianization with todays date
  • Checked out the trunk to continue with the inital configuration of the debian directory files. (It included the trunk directory.)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Initial version of bbbs-installer

Created initial version of a bbbs-installer package.

MBSE BBS v0.92.0 Debianization

Had initially started packaging MBSE BBS with version 0.90.0 but 0.92.0 has since come out and I now have a local svn repository to use so am starting again.

  • dh_make -c gpl -e -f ../mbsebbs-0.92.0.tar.bz2