Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Initial version of bbbs-installer

Created initial version of a bbbs-installer package.

- used dh_make to create an initial

cd ~/prj/bbbsdeb/src/bbbs-installer-4.01

dh_make -e -n -s

Then got rid of the emacs related files, menu.ex, the sgml & xml example man pages, renamed *.ex to their base names.  Minor initial edits to control, to add short description & set section to contrib/comm

    Initial import (from dir where initial debian directory was created

jame@pcorg:~/prj/bbbsdeb/src/bbbs-installer-4.01$ svn import debian svn://cobweb/bbbsdeb/trunk/debian -m "Initial crea

tion of bbbs-installer"

Tagged the initial debianization with todays date

svn copy svn://cobweb/bbbsdeb/trunk svn://cobweb/bbbsdeb/tags/20080306

    Checked out the trunk to continue with the inital configuration of the debian dir files

cd ~/prj/bbbsdeb/src

svn co svn://cobweb/bbbsdeb/trunk
->  it included the trunk directory...  

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