Monday, March 31, 2008

A Source archive for v3.15a as of 20080211

Createing a source archive for Synchronet release 3.15a, from CVS as of 20080211
Note that this version of the procedure uses the pre-compiled library file for cryptlib.

* cd /path/to/working/directory
* Downloaded sbbs_src.tgz on 11 February 2008, for CVS as of 20080211.
> cvs -d export -r sbbs314a src-sbbs3
* Can then delete include/microsoft, include/mozilla, include/sdl; they are not needed.
* Create a symlink from to
* Get the require modules for running synchronet. Exclude docs/js/guide & docs/js/ref or delete afterwards if needed to save space.
> cvs -d export -D 20080211 run- sbbs3
* Extract contents of source archive, then move run-sbbs3 directories to same
directory as source.
( (r34)

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