Saturday, April 26, 2008

Error at sbbs startup about unable to find

After package installation & initial configuration, the following error comes up when attempting to start sbbs:
* /usr/lib/synchronet/sbbs: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

One possible solution is to install a file into /etc/ containing something like the following:
> # library directory for Synchronet
> /usr/lib/synchronet
and then run ldconfig. Manually doing so did appear to take care of the error. (Is there an automated way of setting something like that up?)
Note that recent building and testing has been on a Debian Testing (lenny) system; defining the library directory does get it past the startup error but it is crashing after that. It wasn't crashing on Debian Stable (etch), so need to test it under that again.
Add the synchronet.conf file for /etc/ to the packaging? Add something to postinst to run ldconfig if the file is present ?
From a post by deuce to me in SYNCPROG on 4/16/08:
> JC> d> In this case, you would just need to set SBBSDIR to /opt/synchronet and
> JC> d> /opt/synchronet/exec would be included in the RPATH.
> JC> How so? I understood RPATH to be set at build time & I can't find a
> JC> reference to needing to use that variable (SBBSDIR) in sbbsunix.txt.
> That's because sbbsunix suggests symlinking to the build location or symlinking into /usr/lib
> ${SBBSDIR}/exec is included in RPATH however. See src/sbbs3/GNUmakefile line 124-130
Set SBBSDIR variable for base synchronet directory in debian/rules. (r97)

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