Saturday, April 26, 2008

rpath issue in SBBS Debian builds

Lintian warnings on each executable: binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath
Reference also for a writeup on this issue in Debian.
Note that besides anything else, the rpath being set in the executables by the original build system is not useful because it is a build time path rather than an actual runtime path.

From a post by deuce to me in SYNCPROG on 4/16/08:
> JC> d> In this case, you would just need to set SBBSDIR to /opt/synchronet and
> JC> d> /opt/synchronet/exec would be included in the RPATH.
> JC> How so? I understood RPATH to be set at build time & I can't find a
> JC> reference to needing to use that variable (SBBSDIR) in sbbsunix.txt.
> That's because sbbsunix suggests symlinking to the build location or symlinking into /usr/lib
> ${SBBSDIR}/exec is included in RPATH however. See src/sbbs3/GNUmakefile line 124-130
Using that; even if cannot get rid of it altogether (which would require an alternate way of configuring how to access the library files) , can at least get the RPATH set to something useful.
Set SBBSDIR variable for base synchronet directory in debian/rules. (r97) That does add what is now the right dir () but the extra unneeded & bad paths are also still there.

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