Monday, May 5, 2008

rpath issue for SBBS?

Added JSLIBDIR, NSPRDIR, & CRYPTLIBDIR to 'make sbbs3' line in debian/rules (r131). The correct paths are added in a v3.14a build but are being added to the current directory rather than being added by themselves. (That issue looks like it is corrected in the current v3.15a version.)
Two possible ways to fix this:
* Use chrpath to just set the correct paths directly. This would need to be done for each executable that needs it.
* Fix the make file src/sbbs3/GNUmakefile directly (line 116). This could be done using something like dpatch.
Because one of the paths (5 total) being set is a private library, can't/shouldn't delete the whole thing: the first path is the for the SBBS exec directory. The 2nd is set by the variable LIBODIR. The 3rd is for the mozjs library, JSLIBDIR The 4th is for the nspr library, NSPRDIR. And the 5th is for cryptlib, CRYPTLIBDIR.
LIBODIR is the library build output directory; not needed for the package. Since all of the rest is the standard library directory, only actually need the /opt/synchronet/exec directory?
The issue is that "$(PWD" is included in the line (116) that defines the RPATH:
That was fixed for v3.15a (current CVS). Since have to create a original archive anyway (source + runtime), that can be edited before being used (& a note about it added to debian/README.source).


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