Thursday, May 8, 2008

SBBS: Lintian errors: unusual-interpreter

Lintian warning "unusual-interpreter" on two files in /opt/synchronet/exec:
* unusual-interpreter ./opt/synchronet/exec/gnats_cvs.js #!/sbbs/exec/jsexec
* unusual-interpreter ./opt/synchronet/exec/sendmail.js #!/sbbs/exec/jsexec
The Interpreter path is incorrect; should be /opt/synchronet/exec for the debian package instead of /sbbs/exec as it is distributed. it's parameter path for ctrl is also incorrect. It is not being set in the build. Use something like dpatch to correct?
Register jsexec as a valid interpreter? That would not help with the lintian error itself; create an override for it.
Since the files are not being updated during the build & an original source archive is already being created after downloads of the source & runtime, could just make the change to referencing the correct path as part of creating the Debian original source archive.
In the original files exec/gnats_cvs.js and exec/sendmail.js in the original archive: corrected the first line from being
> #!/sbbs/exec/jsexec -x -c /sbbs/ctrl
to being
> #!/opt/synchronet/exec/jsexec -x -c /opt/synchronet/ctrl
Added a note about it to debian/README.source (r176).
Added lintian overrides for the issue (r177). Corrected the file paths in the files in the original source archive. Added a note about doing that to debian/README.source (r176). Added Lintian overrides for jsexec (r177).


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