Monday, May 26, 2008

Sync zmodem code makes packages non-free

Due to issues with the zmodem code, it may also be more appropriate for it to be in non-free.
* Update debian/control to reflect being non-free due to current zmodem code. (r159)
* Update debian/copyright regarding zmodem files for Synchronet. (r160)(r150)

Note regarding this as added to the debian/copyright file:
# zmodem related files
The files sbbs3/zmodem.h and sbbs3/zmodem.c are derived from the
zmtx/zmrx package available at
The licence contained in the archive is:
MCS allows you to use and copy/modify this source under the following
- MCS or Jacques Mattheij shall not be liable for any damages arising
from the use of this code
- the archive must be distributed as a whole leaving version numbers intact.
please do not distribute modifications; mail them back to us for inclusion
in the next release which should follow each other fairly quickly in
the beginning
- you will not use this software for commercial purposes.
(commercial licenses are available contact us for info)

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