Thursday, July 31, 2008

rpath issue

The contents of the library build out directory, LIBODIR, are being installed to /opt/synchronet/exec. The second path noted on line 116 in src/sbbs3/GNUmakefile can be changed to $(SBBSDIR)/exec like it is for the first path in order for it to come up that way. Might be best, for now, to make (& document) the change in the original source archive.
Added & corrected note to debian/README.source about correcting the LD_RUN_PATH line in src/sbbs3/GNUmakefile. (r164)(r165)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BZR Repository for MBSE BBS?

Tried  created a bzr repository from the existing svn repository.

  • bzr svn-import --all -v /srv/svn/mbsedeb
But when attempted to view it using trac, it was hardly usable


Further commits to the SVN repository for MBSE BBS Debian packaging

  • debian/TODO as of 23 July 2008" (rev 51)
  • Bump Debian version to 0.2 (rev 50)
  • Tag initial debian package version of 0.92.0-0.1 (rev 49)
Reorganize tags directory. (rev 48)
  • Adding         tags/0.92.0
  • Adding         tags/0.92.0/pre1
  • Adding         tags/0.92.0/pre1/20080224
  • Deleting       tags/20080224

First attempt at an install of -0.1 resulted in errors:
  • update-rc.d: warning: /etc/init.d/mbsebbs missing LSB style header (ticket )
  • MBSE BBS: No 'mbse' user in the password file. (ticket  )

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Futher MBSE BBS Packaging changes

  • Correct example directory from being doubled up. (rev 36)
  • Do not install examples/Makefile to package. (rev 37)
  • Install copies of script/* files to doc/mbsebbs/examples. (rev 38)
  • Install non maintenance scripts to /opt/mbse/bin. (rev 39)
  • Install language files to /opt/mbse/share/int. (rev 40)
  • Correct script directory name in debian/install. (rev 41)
  • Correct spelling of mbsedos in debian/install. (rev 42)
  • Correct spelling of in debian/install. (rev 43)
  • Install html doc files to doc/mbsebbs/html. (rev 44)
  • Do not install README files. (rev 45)
  • Install copy of crontab file (cron.d) to examples directory. (rev 46)
  • debian/TODO as of 19 July 2008. (rev 47)

Friday, July 18, 2008

MBSE BBS packaging changes

  • Correct name of mbtoberep in debian/install. (rev 30)
  • Correct path for ftp/incoming in debian/dirs. (rev 31)
  • Not using the mbsebbs Makefile install target in debian/rules. (rev 32)
  • Correct index file name in debian/mbsebbs.doc-base. (rev 33)
  • Install default maintenance scripts to /opt/mbse/bin/adm. (rev 34)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More MBSE BBS package updates

  • Initial version of debian/dirs for base directory /opt/mbse. (rev 25)
  • Correct paths to opt/mbse for debian/dirs. (rev 26)
  • Correct prefix parameters for configure target in debian/rules. (rev 27)
  • Initial version of debian/install.  Enable dh_install in debian/rules. (rev 28)

Still need to get the scripts from scripts dir installed, with the mbse root variable replaced with /opt/mbse  sed? perhaps after install to debian/mbsebbs/opt/mbse/bin/adm ?
(which still needs to be created if I'm going to use it.)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Set autoconfigure variables for MBSE BBS

MBSE BBS Debian  packaging

  • The installation time group and owner are being set for autoconfigure  generated files in using the GROUP & OWNER variables.
  • Need to set those to "root" there?