Saturday, January 24, 2009

SyncTERM 20080406-1

* Set syncterm trunk as release 20080406-1 (r236).
* Added explicit build-depends for libncurses5-dev to debian/control (r245). In debian/rules, changed dh_prep back to dh_clean -k (r271,r273).
Have attempted to put a version on the maintainers launchpad PPA but the package attempts keep failing to build. Current issue is that on a Debian, the build results are put into directories that include the hardeware platform as part of the directory name. Done in debian/rules by setting a variable & then using that variable in the install lines. That works during a build on a debian system. On a Ubuntu system, it does not; neither my test systems nor the build systems at launchpad. The command being used to get the hardware platform (line 9) does work from the command line.
Reference ticket:54 for the issue with the machine info as part of the build directories name.

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