Sunday, March 22, 2009

syncterm package fails to build on Ubuntu

Have attempted to put a version on the maintainers launchpad PPA but the package attempts keep failing to build. On a Debian i386 system, the build results are put into directories that include the hardeware platform as part of the directory name. Done in debian/rules by setting a variable & then using that variable in the install lines. That works during a build on a debian system. On a Ubuntu system, it does not; neither my test systems nor the build systems at launchpad. The command being used to get the hardware platform (line 9) does work from the command line.

More specifically; manually compiling it is successful. Attempting to build the package on, for instance, a test i686 system fails if the directory names for the compile results used for the install lines in debian/rules include the hardware platform. Example of that directory being set/used on an i686 system. Yet on the x86_64 systems used by the buildds at Launchpad, it fails to build if that hardware platform information is _not_ included.
The package make files uses the variable _machine_ for the hardware platform, which is set at the lines 199 & 200 of the file build/Common.gmake. On the 32bit Ubuntu test system, that is i686; yet that is not being used at all in a compile on that machine. On a x86_64 system, that info is used in the directory names. Perhaps see if the package _machine_ variable is available to the debian build & use that?
Using the machine variable (created by the syncterm build system), can successfully build on i386 (as well as lpia at launchpad). Still fails to build on x86_64 but that looks to be a different problem (ticket:56). Reference the debain/rules file at revision 275.

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