Thursday, July 16, 2009

Timestamp same as another file

A way to set the timestamp on one file the same as on another file:
TIMESTAMP=`stat -c %Y onefile.txt`
touch -d @$TIMESTAMP anotherfile.txt
Or use date -r with the right format for the seconds since epoch

Monday, July 13, 2009

Public GIT repository for BBBSDEB

Combined the two separate git repositories for BBBSDEB into one, putting bbbs-installer & bbbs-equivs onto separate branches. Made that publically viewable at,

Public Git repository

Combined the two separate git repos into one, putting bbbs-installer & bbbs-equivs onto                             
separate branches. Made that public at

Sunday, July 12, 2009

MBSE BBS SVN to GIT repository

Initial work on setting up a local GIT repository for my MBSE BBS work. This sequence worked:

  • git svn init --stdlayout svn://cobweb/mbsedeb ~/prj/mbsedeb/repo
  • git-import-orig --no-dch -u0.92.0 --pristine-tar ../arc/mbsebbs-0.92.0.tar.gz
  • git svn fetch
  • git merge -m "Merging trunk from original svn repository." trunk

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Local HwB GIT repository

I had decided to start using GIT for all of my packaging etc work so I wanted to create such a repository for the HwB (Hardware Book) packaging I'm doing.   First tried using the git-svn command to migrate the existing svn repository I had over to a git repostiory;   that worked but I really was not satisfied with the resulting repository, in part because of what it started with.
I then tried using the git-import-dsc command to directly import the existing Debian HwB archives in to a new GIT repository, which was successful for all of the package archives I had.

Initial gitweb usage

Enabled local only gitweb usage of the two existing git repositories