Monday, September 14, 2009

Create GIT repositories for ftnapps project

SourceForge now supports multiple GIT repositories for each project hosted there.   Created GIT repositories each for crashmail, jamnntpd, tinytic, & vireq;   and kept one named as ftnapps for the web site and any other common documentation or other files.

ssh -t jame, create 

cd /home/scm_git/f/ft/ftnapps

    <rename the auto created repo>

mv ftnapps ftnapps.git

    <create repo for crashmail> 

mkdir crashmail.git 

git --git-dir=crashmail.git init --shared=all --bare

    <create repo for jamnntpd> 

mkdir jamnntpd.git 

git --git-dir=jamnntpd.git init --shared=all --bare

    <create repo for tinytic> 

mkdir tinytic.git 

git --git-dir=tinytic.git init --shared=all --bare

    <create repo for vireq> 

mkdir vireq.git 

git --git-dir=vireq.git init --shared=all --bare

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