Saturday, September 26, 2009


I posted the following to the LINUX_BBS echo about an update in the SVN repostity for TinyTIC:
> In case you had not already heard: The author commited an update to the
> TinyTIC repository for a version v0.6.1 (rev. 60, viewable at [1]),
> which is going to be undergoing some testing before making a release out
> of it...
> [1]
In one response, Janis Kracht posted the following on 23 Sep 2009 in response:
> Is this ready for distribution now? I see v0.6.1 at sourceforge..I'd like
> to get it out when ready also via the Utillnx FDN since previous tinytic
> versions went through the FileGate..
I responded that a v0.6.1 archive was not yet available but I had been wondering about the best way to get it distributed when it did become available and so was glad to hear from her about it.

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