Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MBSE BBS first package install test

Using git-buildpackage isn't working because the configure step for the package isn't getting run properly.  So ran "debuild  -rfakeroot  -us -uc -b" . That resulted in a lot of errors but did complete.   It also had the following Lintian  error:

Lintian errors:  command-with-path-in-maintainer-script, on preinst & postinst
  • That says that maintainer scripts shouldn't have that set (policy 6.1)
Tried doing a package install.  The installation tried starting mbtask but ended up with a permission denied error:  problem was that the contents of the /opt/mbse directory was all still set to root:root ownership.  manually did a 'chown -R mbse' in the opt directory, redid the setuid & ownership on mbtask, & it then started.

  • su - mbse;  was able to run mbsetup but didn't try doing anything yet.

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