Sunday, February 28, 2010

Migrate SF ftnpl website repository from SVN to GIT

Imported the SourceForge ftnpl project website repository from svn to ftnpl/project (bin/svn2git/*).  Created the website branch in there from the default master branch that the import created

Created the  ftnpl/project.git repo from default ftnpl repository by logging in via shell server and renaming the directory:
  • ssh -t jame, create
  • cd /home/scm_git/f/ft/ftnpl
  • mv ftnpl project.git

Then pushed my local website repository the ftnpl Sourceforge repository:
  • git remote add origin ssh://
  • git config origin
  • git config refs/heads/website
  • git push origin website

  • ~/prj/ftnpl/scm/sfsvn$ svn remove tags/htdocs
  • ~/prj/ftnpl/scm/sfsvn$ svn remove trunk/htdocs
  • ~/prj/ftnpl/scm/sfsvn$ svn commit -m "Moved website repository to ftnpl/project.git."

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