Thursday, June 23, 2011

Source archive for testing MBSE BBS v0.95.12

Exported a version of MBSE BBS v0.95.12 from the authors mercurial repository.  That version has IPv6 capabilities, which I want to test.

Changeset 8353004713ce from 22 May 2011 is the one that actually "Bumped to version 0.95.12". The changes from then to 21 June were to do with documentation updates and related to Arch systems.  The actual changeset that did much of the updates for ipv6 was back in January 2011, changeset fc2b3ff9cfb3.

MBSE BBS v0.95.12
  as of Sun May 22 22:25:12 2011 +0200
  changeset 16    8353004713ce

    Exported from mercurial repo from:

    That created the archive:  8353004713ce.tar.gz.  Which contained the code checkout in the directory: mbsebbs-8353004713ce

    Useing the format "+YYMMDD" added to the last stable version number as the versioning of the new source archive:
mv mbsebbs-8353004713ce/ mbsebbs-0.92.0+110522.orig/

    Then created a source archive from it.

Intend to create a create-orig-source script to do those operations.

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