Thursday, December 8, 2011

Create TinyTIC generic-linux branch

In order to create a TinyTIC generic-linux branch, did an svn copy from revision 69 to tinytic/branch/generic-linux.   Then created a remote branch for git-svn to use.

   After I created the branch in SVN, this is how I added that branch for git-svn to use ("scm/sfgit" is the top level directory for the git repo):

  1. cd ~/prj/tinytic/scm/sfgit
  2. git config --add svn-remote.generic-linux.url
  3. git config --add svn-remote.generic-linux.fetch :refs/remotes/generic-linux
  4. git svn fetch generic-linux
  5. git checkout -b svn/generic-linux -t generic-linux
  6. git svn rebase generic-linux

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