Sunday, December 30, 2012

Adopting some Debian packages?

It looks like some of the Debian packages I am interested in have been Orphaned or put up for Adoption:
  • crashmail O:  I use this one (at least for FTN points) and I have been working on packaging jamnntpd to provide another interface to the JAM message bases that Crashmail II can manage. One big reason for the low popcon for it is that there hasn't been something in Debian that can be used to access them, like jamnntpd (not yet in Debian) or GoldED+ (which used to be in Debian). Requested and was granted membership in the Alioth Crashmail project as an administrator.
  • multimail RFA: I would like that such FTN/Fidonet related applications stay in Debian, so I sent an email changing that to an ITA.  Also found a MultiMail project at SourceForge, although that is not yet reflected in the package. (Requested to be added to the project there.)
  • lha: It was removed 7 June 2012 because:  "outdated non-free binaries". Investigate about getting it back in? It appears it is being kept in Ubuntu, at least for now.)  May need to at least keep a package maintained for my own use.  There are alternative packages that can handle the format, like unar. (Will need to update crashmail Suggests in debian/control.)
A couple of others that I found are:
  • postnews O:
  • uqwk O:
  • Also found that although turqstat (A Fidonet and Usenet statistics program) was removed (as part of the process to keep Qt 3 out of wheezy) from unstable back in May of 2012 and now also isn't in testing.  If it was orphaned back then, I didn't see i ... In part, it was because of things like this?  Because of things like that (just for the X version of the package? which means either command line only or move X version to qt 4), this one may be more work than I'll have time for, especially since it would need an ITP to get it back in... Still, if the Orphan bug can be found (though a quick look didn't turn it up)...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Project labeling issue at SF

After migrating the MakeNL SF project to their new project code (allura), noticed that the labels for the SVN repository was "Code-1" and the CVS repository was "Cvs".  Tried changing the label for the SVN repository from that "Code-1" to "SVN' but although it didn't give me an error, the label ended up being "Svn" instead.  I went back into the project admin and found that the label is listed there in all caps, so it looks to be something to do with the display of the label rather than the label itself.

Reported the issue:  Was advised in that ticket that it is a known issue that other people have reported and their reference ticket for it is:

MakeNL Project at Sourceforge updated

Updated the MakeNL project at Sourceforge,, to the new Sourceforge project code. Along with other things, this changes the paths to the code repositories (at least for browseing) and the Bug and Feature Request numbering.

One reason updating the project had been delayed was that their original migration code did not migrate CVS repositories;  since currently that is the main development code repository, that meant that we did not want to do the migration until either that changed or we had a chance to migrate the CVS repository over to another type of repository like SVN or GIT that all of the developers have the tools to be able to use.

A GIT repository is going to be available but an initial migration needs to be done again from the CVS repository;  the intent is to maintain that link between the CVS repository and the GIT code repository.
I will be doing the development of Debian packaging there, instead of using the CVS repository for that like I  used to.

An SVN repository was started with the import of a couple of older archives.  Migrating the CVS repository to the SVN repository, either using the existing one or a new one, has not been done but there is a feature request for it. (Since the CVS repository was migrated to the new SF project, it isn't as necessary to do .)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

ttylog project at Launchpad

Apparently I created a ttylog project at Launchpad back on 2008-10-16.
Before perhaps posting it back to that day, need to update the SF site for it?  Don't think I have a link there for it.

Also;  since I created it, there is a link to it from my launchpad account, under the Related projects link.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Update projects at

The site is a FOSS directory and analysis project.  Spent some time claiming what it already knows about my development, by way of my commits on projects it already knows about.
  • Checked for ttylog and found that it is already present but that it was configured to track the old SVN code respository, which hasn't been used for quite some time.  Updated it to reference the current ttylog git repository.
  • Also updated the FTN Applications project there, including the SVN repositories for TinyTIC and VIReq.  (Still need to do the same for the rest of the FTN applications project applications.)
  • Also did the same for the Sourceforge Perl for FTN Systems, adding some of the existing GIT repositories.
  • Claimed my contribution to the Sourceforge Husky project.
  • Still many updates that I could do as it is incomplete.
  • Added a new project for LedgerSMB Packaging, initially adding links to the Debian & Ubuntu team sites.  

LedgerSMB CSS edit issue

Did some test builds & installs using v1.3.23-1~3, successfully; there is still the discrepancy with the directory transversal error when attempting to do an online edit of the CSS file on a new install. It may be a configuration issue of some sort, since the upgrade install (on the long term lsmb test system) works fine.  Copied the setup for that so I can try comparisons, see if there's still something I should be configuring in with the package for it.  (Thought I had, at least after the install if not part of the packaging, but since it's not working properly...)  May at least need to add to the documentation if not also something in the default config installed during the package install.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Unofficial LedgerSMB Ubuntu Backports

Someone appears to already be maintaining backports of LedgersSMB:

Need to find out how he's doing it, especially since he's doing current versionsi.e., right now (27 Oct 12 11:43) he has a backport available for v1.3.23 which is the current release.

Perhaps he's using the new Recipe feature to do that?

Launchpad Projects

I'm still not sure what the difference is between a Team and a Project at Launchpad but they are separately registered.

There is also a note on that page for registering a project.

One reason I'm investigating this is because a "Project" name is a required entry for doing a VCS import at Launchpad, but I don't yet know what that field is supposed to indicate so I'm not sure what to use there.  (No response as yet to a support question I sent about that.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ubuntu LedgerSMB team

    Although I primarily use Debian myself, I do realize that a significant number of people use Ubuntu and while the normal path for LedgerSMB packages is via migration (automatic or by request) from Debian to Ubuntu, Ubuntu specific issues can come up. So I created a Ubuntu LedgerSMB Team at Launchpad, to enable work on things like backports as well as to provide another repository for packages. Note that I currently plan to target the Ubuntu LTS distributions (like v10.04 and v12.04, although others could also be done if needed.

Closed LedgerSMB doc requests

Updated and closed a couple of LedgerSMB documentation requests that were actually resolved but for some reason were not closed at the time.  I was reminded of them when another developer posted to them, asking if they hadn't already been closed and giving the SVN revision (r4578) he thought they had been closed by.

 Request # 3472542: LedgerSMB/ pod NAME issue

 Request # 3472604: LedgerSMB/ pod issue

Checked and verified that they were resolved, so belatedly closed the requests.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

FTN::Packet v0.20 fails on v5.12.4 Mac OS X.

Received a report that testing Node AKA packet reading fails in FTN::Packet v0.20 on v5.12.4 Mac OS X. It was a PowerPC system so it may be some kind of byte order issue.

Created a bug report for it in the CPAN tracker: # 80365.

May open a ticket at the project site as well.

Created FTN Applications team at Launchpad.

Although I primarily use Debian myself, I do realize that a significant number of people use Ubuntu and while there are Fidonet Technology Networks (FTN) related applications in Debian and Ubuntu, there are many more that are not currently available. There is the Sourceforge FTN Applications project but one thing that SourceForge does not currently support is package repositories.  Launchpad does support them and while it is oriented towards Ubuntu, that does not mean that packages available there are not usable on Debian or other Debian derivative distributions (if only by means of source packages).
I then requested a copy('sync') of the existing makenl-3.2.7d-1 package for Ubuntu Hardy from my PPA to the ftnapps PPA, to be built for the Ubuntu Lucid distribution. (It is a different PPA, so I didn't have to change the package name and re-upload it.)

Note that I currently plan to target the Ubuntu LTS distributions (currently v10.04 and v12.04;  v8.04 support expires in April of 2013) for builds and package availability.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

LedgerSMB version parse error in v1.3.23

    An issue was reported to the ledgersmb-users mailing list about an error that came up when attempting to run  'perl Makefile.PL' on an MS Windows 7 system:
Can't parse version ''..''
 As I noted in an email response to the mailing list:
I see the same issue on a WinXP system with Strawberry Perl. Problem seems to be the the version number entry in the Makefile.PL file is not quoted; putting single quotes around it resolves the issue.
Note that on my Linux system, it doesn't appear to come up with an error but the version information shows up in, for instance, the generated MYMETA.yml as:  version: "\x01\x03\x17"
That was a testing package build for 1.3.23 rc1. I hadn't noticed with 1.3.22 because I had a patch to change that version line in Makefile.PL to get the version number from because the version listed in Makefile.PL was wrong.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Package DebTags updates

Updated the DebTags for my and Debian packages.

Note that HwB has been updated with my address but is still showing there under my old address.

Utilities availability in Debian v3 (woody)

Already have the zip and unzip packages in the Debian v3 (woody) VM I'm using to run Internet Rex but wanted additional archivers available.

Had been able to do a look up for program/packages like lha & unarj at by their path names but not by their package names, even though they were showing as being in the woody distribution.  After an email to the admin there, that's been corrected.

I'd also forgotten that those packages were in non-free back then. Added 'contrib non-free' to the apt sources line, and was then able to do an 'apt-get update' then install the lha (for the lzh archiver) and unarj packages with no other issue, as well as the unrar and zoo packages.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Translation updates for Debian applications

Specifically regarding LedgerSMB but also in general:  I asked one of the lead Debian Developers who manage translations for applications in Debian about how to proceed reviewing and updating po/* translations.  He responded as follows:
You can use podebconf-report-po for this. This utility can also beused for non po-debconf translations:
From the directory containing PO files
  • podebconf-report-po --withtranslators --languageteam --call --podir=. --package=ledgersmb --notdebconf

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012

Deb Tags for my packages needs updating.

Need to update the deb tags for most of my debian packages at:

LedgerSMB v1.2.26 Debian package?

Since the last (so far) of the v1.2.x series, 1.2.26, did have a security fix in it, could go ahead and package it (perhaps as experimental?) and upload it to the LSMB downloads.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adaptive Computing notes...

  Some time back I had the idea of an adaptable computing system (is that the right phrase for what I'm thinking of?), the most recent specific idea I had for it would for instance be having two separate hardware units:

  • A  tablet or netbook or ? computer, as a mobile/portable computer system.
  • Some kind of server unit (not necessarily small and perhaps portable, but not  mobile like the tablet computer).

   The intent of the system is at least be able to have the tablet computer useful as such but also to be able to, from the point of view of the tablet, extend the system to include the server unit.

Not sure I've written any of this down before but will add any such to the blog if/when I locate the notes...

It is/would be an extension of what can already be done with USB devices or hot swapable SATA drives;   changes to the hardware available to the system are processed by the kernel and triggers events that change the system.

Or would just, initially, being able to update the menu system on the tablet to include applications available via an X session and something like 'ssh -Y' (the connections for which could be automated using ssh public keys specifically for the session.)

Research Distributed/Parallel computing?

Something like OpenStack looks interesting but looks to be intended for Cloud servers and Sofware as a Service and appears to include running 'server' systems under KVM.  (A recent email was done to debian-news about that becoming available in Debian.)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

LedgerSMB dists/* directories

Need to decide how the Debian/Ubuntu directories in the dist/* directories might be used. According to one of the core developers; files needed for a build process are what can go the, like patches, build scripts, etc.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New experimental LedgerSMB package, 1.3.12-1

I uploaded a new experimental version of the package, v1.3.12-1 [r452], to the Debian Mentors site.  Also posted about it to the mailing list and to the ITP bug (although it doesn't seem to have shown up there...).

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Blog Title

At least for now, have decided to use Rocasa Reflections as the title for the new blog location.

Successful import from old MT blog

I was finally able get the the posts from my old MT blog (at  imported here to Blogger.   The way I ended up doing it was to import them to WordPress; then export from there, convert that to Blogger format and then import it here.

I have them published now but noticed a couple of issues for at least some of the posts. One issue is that at least some links either did not make it through the migration at all or they are not correct, so will need to go through them at update at least that information. Another issue is with Catagories and Tags, which were/are separate things in at least Movable Type, where it looks like only the Catagories made it through the migration.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Import attempts from old MT blog

  - Posted about an issue with getting an import of my existing MT blog into here at Blogger:

Attempted multiple times to import that blog file but i results in the same kind of error messasge:  Writing blog posts.  Sorry, the import failed due to a  server error. The error code bX-qzgj3r.

The only reply there (the support is moving to a new forum in Google Groups: advised the usual clear browser cache etc & disable extensions.  Tried that while still using Iceweasel but still get the same error (which is apparantly pretty generic), and the file browser part of it still doesn't seem to be accepting the file.

Installed Chromium (had been using the Iceweasal version of Firefox on Debian) and can get the file browser properly indicating that it has the file but still end up with the same error message, so it may be to do with file not really being a properly formated file for blogger, which could indicate that the original conversion I tried did not work properly.

Tried converting the original export using the online app again & then tried importing that;  still get the error  bX-qzgj3r.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Convert LedgerSMB Manual to HTML?

Perhaps use something like latex2html to create an html version of the LedgerSMB  manual for inclusion in the Debian package?  As noted in a message to me in the LedgerSMB Development mailing list:

>   Am I correct in thinking that at least the LedgerSMB-manual.tex file
> in the doc/manual directory is the source for the LedgerSMB-manual.pdf
> file?  That pdf is in the distribution and I'm wondering how it's being
> created.  (Amongst other reasons, I'm considering adding the creation of
> an html version of the manual to the Debian package.)
I run pdflatex against the LedgerSMB-manual.tex a few times when I
update the source. Yeah, that's the source.

The source file is there, so could add generating an html version of the manual when the package is built.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Moving to a New Blog Hosting

Moving to new blog hosting using Blogger.

Thought to use "jame" or "rjclay" for the blogspot address but those show as already being used, so decided to use my full name for the address.

Haven't decided which custom domain to use, but will use this one to replace the blog I have been maintaining using Movable Type on my system.   Still need to import the existing blog content from to the new blog at

Friday, January 20, 2012

My Debian Devel People entry

Happened to check my listing here and found that although they are showing all of my current packages, they are also by default only listing my address instead of my which is what I use now.

IIRC there was a comment and/or thread regarding that (which email adx is listed if someone has more than one) in, I think, the Debian Develop mailing list but I don't recall details.

Issue with legacy in ifmail

The following error message is being generated when weekly ifmail cron job runs:

/etc/cron.weekly/ifmail:Legacy library will be removed from the Perl core distribution in the next major release. Please install the separate libperl4-corelibs-perl package. It is being used at /usr/lib/ifmail/fido.daily, line 24

Will check later and will submit a bug report about the issue if someone else hasn't already done so.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

LedgerSMB in Ubuntu

LedgerSMB will make it into Ubuntu like any other Debian package after being added there but apparently someone requested it be added to Ubuntu some time ago;  reference the wishlist bug #150374.