Saturday, March 24, 2012

LedgerSMB dists/* directories

Need to decide how the Debian/Ubuntu directories in the dist/* directories might be used. According to one of the core developers; files needed for a build process are what can go the, like patches, build scripts, etc.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New experimental LedgerSMB package, 1.3.12-1

I uploaded a new experimental version of the package, v1.3.12-1 [r452], to the Debian Mentors site.  Also posted about it to the mailing list and to the ITP bug (although it doesn't seem to have shown up there...).

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Blog Title

At least for now, have decided to use Rocasa Reflections as the title for the new blog location.

Successful import from old MT blog

I was finally able get the the posts from my old MT blog (at  imported here to Blogger.   The way I ended up doing it was to import them to WordPress; then export from there, convert that to Blogger format and then import it here.

I have them published now but noticed a couple of issues for at least some of the posts. One issue is that at least some links either did not make it through the migration at all or they are not correct, so will need to go through them at update at least that information. Another issue is with Catagories and Tags, which were/are separate things in at least Movable Type, where it looks like only the Catagories made it through the migration.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Import attempts from old MT blog

  - Posted about an issue with getting an import of my existing MT blog into here at Blogger:

Attempted multiple times to import that blog file but i results in the same kind of error messasge:  Writing blog posts.  Sorry, the import failed due to a  server error. The error code bX-qzgj3r.

The only reply there (the support is moving to a new forum in Google Groups: advised the usual clear browser cache etc & disable extensions.  Tried that while still using Iceweasel but still get the same error (which is apparantly pretty generic), and the file browser part of it still doesn't seem to be accepting the file.

Installed Chromium (had been using the Iceweasal version of Firefox on Debian) and can get the file browser properly indicating that it has the file but still end up with the same error message, so it may be to do with file not really being a properly formated file for blogger, which could indicate that the original conversion I tried did not work properly.

Tried converting the original export using the online app again & then tried importing that;  still get the error  bX-qzgj3r.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Convert LedgerSMB Manual to HTML?

Perhaps use something like latex2html to create an html version of the LedgerSMB  manual for inclusion in the Debian package?  As noted in a message to me in the LedgerSMB Development mailing list:

>   Am I correct in thinking that at least the LedgerSMB-manual.tex file
> in the doc/manual directory is the source for the LedgerSMB-manual.pdf
> file?  That pdf is in the distribution and I'm wondering how it's being
> created.  (Amongst other reasons, I'm considering adding the creation of
> an html version of the manual to the Debian package.)
I run pdflatex against the LedgerSMB-manual.tex a few times when I
update the source. Yeah, that's the source.

The source file is there, so could add generating an html version of the manual when the package is built.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Moving to a New Blog Hosting

Moving to new blog hosting using Blogger.

Thought to use "jame" or "rjclay" for the blogspot address but those show as already being used, so decided to use my full name for the address.

Haven't decided which custom domain to use, but will use this one to replace the blog I have been maintaining using Movable Type on my system.   Still need to import the existing blog content from to the new blog at