Monday, March 12, 2012

Import attempts from old MT blog

  - Posted about an issue with getting an import of my existing MT blog into here at Blogger:

Attempted multiple times to import that blog file but i results in the same kind of error messasge:  Writing blog posts.  Sorry, the import failed due to a  server error. The error code bX-qzgj3r.

The only reply there (the support is moving to a new forum in Google Groups: advised the usual clear browser cache etc & disable extensions.  Tried that while still using Iceweasel but still get the same error (which is apparantly pretty generic), and the file browser part of it still doesn't seem to be accepting the file.

Installed Chromium (had been using the Iceweasal version of Firefox on Debian) and can get the file browser properly indicating that it has the file but still end up with the same error message, so it may be to do with file not really being a properly formated file for blogger, which could indicate that the original conversion I tried did not work properly.

Tried converting the original export using the online app again & then tried importing that;  still get the error  bX-qzgj3r.

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