Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adaptive Computing notes...

  Some time back I had the idea of an adaptable computing system (is that the right phrase for what I'm thinking of?), the most recent specific idea I had for it would for instance be having two separate hardware units:

  • A  tablet or netbook or ? computer, as a mobile/portable computer system.
  • Some kind of server unit (not necessarily small and perhaps portable, but not  mobile like the tablet computer).

   The intent of the system is at least be able to have the tablet computer useful as such but also to be able to, from the point of view of the tablet, extend the system to include the server unit.

Not sure I've written any of this down before but will add any such to the blog if/when I locate the notes...

It is/would be an extension of what can already be done with USB devices or hot swapable SATA drives;   changes to the hardware available to the system are processed by the kernel and triggers events that change the system.

Or would just, initially, being able to update the menu system on the tablet to include applications available via an X session and something like 'ssh -Y' (the connections for which could be automated using ssh public keys specifically for the session.)

Research Distributed/Parallel computing?

Something like OpenStack looks interesting but looks to be intended for Cloud servers and Sofware as a Service and appears to include running 'server' systems under KVM.  (A recent email was done to debian-news about that becoming available in Debian.)

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