Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Created FTN Applications team at Launchpad.

Although I primarily use Debian myself, I do realize that a significant number of people use Ubuntu and while there are Fidonet Technology Networks (FTN) related applications in Debian and Ubuntu, there are many more that are not currently available. There is the Sourceforge FTN Applications project but one thing that SourceForge does not currently support is package repositories.  Launchpad does support them and while it is oriented towards Ubuntu, that does not mean that packages available there are not usable on Debian or other Debian derivative distributions (if only by means of source packages).
I then requested a copy('sync') of the existing makenl-3.2.7d-1 package for Ubuntu Hardy from my PPA to the ftnapps PPA, to be built for the Ubuntu Lucid distribution. (It is a different PPA, so I didn't have to change the package name and re-upload it.)

Note that I currently plan to target the Ubuntu LTS distributions (currently v10.04 and v12.04;  v8.04 support expires in April of 2013) for builds and package availability.

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