Sunday, December 30, 2012

Adopting some Debian packages?

It looks like some of the Debian packages I am interested in have been Orphaned or put up for Adoption:
  • crashmail O:  I use this one (at least for FTN points) and I have been working on packaging jamnntpd to provide another interface to the JAM message bases that Crashmail II can manage. One big reason for the low popcon for it is that there hasn't been something in Debian that can be used to access them, like jamnntpd (not yet in Debian) or GoldED+ (which used to be in Debian). Requested and was granted membership in the Alioth Crashmail project as an administrator.
  • multimail RFA: I would like that such FTN/Fidonet related applications stay in Debian, so I sent an email changing that to an ITA.  Also found a MultiMail project at SourceForge, although that is not yet reflected in the package. (Requested to be added to the project there.)
  • lha: It was removed 7 June 2012 because:  "outdated non-free binaries". Investigate about getting it back in? It appears it is being kept in Ubuntu, at least for now.)  May need to at least keep a package maintained for my own use.  There are alternative packages that can handle the format, like unar. (Will need to update crashmail Suggests in debian/control.)
A couple of others that I found are:
  • postnews O:
  • uqwk O:
  • Also found that although turqstat (A Fidonet and Usenet statistics program) was removed (as part of the process to keep Qt 3 out of wheezy) from unstable back in May of 2012 and now also isn't in testing.  If it was orphaned back then, I didn't see i ... In part, it was because of things like this?  Because of things like that (just for the X version of the package? which means either command line only or move X version to qt 4), this one may be more work than I'll have time for, especially since it would need an ITP to get it back in... Still, if the Orphan bug can be found (though a quick look didn't turn it up)...

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