Thursday, December 27, 2012

MakeNL Project at Sourceforge updated

Updated the MakeNL project at Sourceforge,, to the new Sourceforge project code. Along with other things, this changes the paths to the code repositories (at least for browseing) and the Bug and Feature Request numbering.

One reason updating the project had been delayed was that their original migration code did not migrate CVS repositories;  since currently that is the main development code repository, that meant that we did not want to do the migration until either that changed or we had a chance to migrate the CVS repository over to another type of repository like SVN or GIT that all of the developers have the tools to be able to use.

A GIT repository is going to be available but an initial migration needs to be done again from the CVS repository;  the intent is to maintain that link between the CVS repository and the GIT code repository.
I will be doing the development of Debian packaging there, instead of using the CVS repository for that like I  used to.

An SVN repository was started with the import of a couple of older archives.  Migrating the CVS repository to the SVN repository, either using the existing one or a new one, has not been done but there is a feature request for it. (Since the CVS repository was migrated to the new SF project, it isn't as necessary to do .)

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