Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lintian warning: unusual-interpreter

A Debian Lintian warning I found while doing a test build of a package for a new upstream version of LedgersSMB: 

  • W: ledgersmb: unusual-interpreter usr/share/ledgersmb/tools/app.psgi #!/usr/bin/plackup

As noted in the plackup man page: "The first non-option argument is used as a '.psgi' file path."

Submitted a bug report to Debian regarding the issue, requesting that /usr/bin/plackup be added to the list of known interpreters. The report was accepted and it was added to the list. I was also thanked in the ChangeLog for reporting the issue. 

Reference also: Debian bug # 712405

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Example MisterHouse installation on Ubuntu

Found a MisterHouse Ubuntu installation information page that has possibly useful information for the base modules needed for it;  although it may only be for those modules that do not come embedded with the exisitng distribution.  I think it specifies the perl package because the perl-base pkg is a minimal perl install and may not support the necessary modules?  Will need to investigate that, as it may influence if perl is listed as a Depends in the Debian package I'll be working on.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

GIT hook script notes

One of the things I'm interested in doing is running things based on which branch or branches(s) get updated when a remote GIT repository is updated.  Examples would be something like updating a web site from a particular branch at a remote GIT repository, or sending different notifications depending on which branch is updated.

The git hook that can be used for things like that is the post-receive or post-update script. Doing a search on 'git post-receive hook' or 'git post-update hook'  results in a number of useful links.  Many if not all of them use a git repo directly for things like a remotely deployed web site. I already maintain many of my websites as branches in a git repository so that will be quite useful for me but I'm not sure that approach will work for something like the SourceForge projects.  In the case where one cannot or does not want to maintain a git repository at the base of web site directory, perhaps something like 'git archive' or just doing a 'git checkout -f' (saw examples of both) could be used to do an export of the relevant files.

Monday, January 7, 2013

BBS Related Information..

Some BBS related things I'm not yet using...
  • - BBSs on Facebook
  • - BBS Banner Exchange

Interesting Links from Perl Weekly #76

Interesting links in the Perl Weekly this week:

     I knew about GitPan but hadn't realized that there had been issues...

    This one I plan to implement in the Perl modules I maintain.

     The one about how to write a test description has a good point...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

JAM2NNTP Perl Script

While searching for other JAM library related software etc, found the script at GitHub. Cloned the repo locally in order to take a look at it.

There were a several things I was thinking of doing with the jam2nntp script (release it over the Perl FDN, fork it to the FTN Perl team at GitHub (htts:// so I'd have a public place available for what I was going to do) but found that there is no License or Copyright listed anywhere that I can find.
Because of that, I did not fork the project there but did initiate a ticket for the issue. I also found that it has an old (only v0.04) embedded copy of FTN::JAM:  initiated a ticket regarding that as well.