Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Example MisterHouse installation on Ubuntu

Found a MisterHouse Ubuntu installation information page that has possibly useful information for the base modules needed for it;  although it may only be for those modules that do not come embedded with the exisitng distribution.  I think it specifies the perl package because the perl-base pkg is a minimal perl install and may not support the necessary modules?  Will need to investigate that, as it may influence if perl is listed as a Depends in the Debian package I'll be working on.

I'm going to test MisterHouse anyway;  so I'll try installing (on a Debian system rather than a Ubuntu system) whichever packages that are not already installed from the list on that page that I think are actually relevant to get it running and then do some testing.
  1. perl, perl-doc, perl-modules:  already have those installed.
  2. build-essential:   already installed
  3. festival:   Using flite instead of festival, installed.
  4. rcconf:  I usually just use update-rc.d on a Debian system... 
  5. Neither libdb3 nor libdb3-dev packages are available in Debian wheezy. The author of the howto was using Ubuntu 12.04.  Not sure yet what they might be needed for.
  6. Perl modules:
    • to be installed: libdb-file-lock-perl
    • to be installed: libberkeleydb-perl
    • Installed: libterm-readkey-perl
    • 'Provided by perl': libtime-hires-perl
    • to be installed: libaudio-mixer-perl
    • to be installed: libtext-levenshteinxs-perl
    • Already installed: libdbi-perl