Saturday, December 26, 2015

My packages with an 'outdated' package style

'Lucas Nussbaum' posted a message to the debian-devel mailing list about "Packages with /outdated/ packaging style" where one of my packages are listed.  Reference also:


The associated blog post  for the post as well as an older blog post on the same issue


Running the command noted in the post found that my 'postnews' package is listed:
$ ssh 'grep -A 2 Clay ~lucas/qa-20151226/*ddlist'
/srv/home/users/lucas/qa-20151226/merged.ddlist:Robert James Clay <>
/srv/home/users/lucas/qa-20151226/merged.ddlist-   postnews
/srv/home/users/lucas/qa-20151226/qa-helper_classic_debhelper.txt.ddlist:Robert James Clay <>
/srv/home/users/lucas/qa-20151226/qa-helper_classic_debhelper.txt.ddlist-   postnews

A comment by Lucas to the earlier blog post clarifies that, noting the following:
Lucas says:
March 4, 2013 at 4:12 pm
@Marcus: by “dh”, I mean “debhelper7″, or “the dh command”. “debhelper”
is “old-style debhelper packaging, with dh_* commands”

I haven't explicitly created a tickit for it but it is already on my TODO list, to have debian/rules use the dh command instead of using the 'dh_*' commands like it is currently.  Plan to make that change with the next upload, which will likely be which package the next upstream version.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mystic BBS ?

I like the idea of having BBS software as a Debian package even if I don't run them myself and Mystic BBS is one that has been under development again.  I was reminded of it again today while reading some posts speaking favorably of it,  so to check on its status I downloaded the current 1.10 alpha release mystic_110a59_lnx.rar to take a look.  Don't think I'll be taking it any further for the moment, though; although the Sourceforge project site lists its license as GPL 3.0, there is still no source code available that I've been able to find.  The archive doesn't even distribute binaries;  it just has an installer program and an install_data.sym file to with it

Maybe when I have some free time, I'll set up a VPS or something like that and install the alpha to see if it's worth keeping track of yet, or if it's too soon...