Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mystic BBS ?

I like the idea of having BBS software as a Debian package even if I don't run them myself and Mystic BBS is one that has been under development again.  I was reminded of it again today while reading some posts speaking favorably of it,  so to check on its status I downloaded the current 1.10 alpha release mystic_110a59_lnx.rar to take a look.  Don't think I'll be taking it any further for the moment, though; although the Sourceforge project site lists its license as GPL 3.0, there is still no source code available that I've been able to find.  The archive doesn't even distribute binaries;  it just has an installer program and an install_data.sym file to with it

Maybe when I have some free time, I'll set up a VPS or something like that and install the alpha to see if it's worth keeping track of yet, or if it's too soon...


  1. they just say it's gpl3, i dont believe it is.
    also the binaries are inside the install_data file

  2. Without the source code being available, I don't see how it can actually be considered as being GPL 3 licensed.
    And if I wasn't clear; I didn't mean to imply that the binaries weren't there at all, but more that I find it an odd way to distribute them.

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