Monday, July 10, 2017

Debian Perl package updates

Now that Stretch has been released, the Perl modules that I am an uploader for and for which there have been version updates waiting to be packaged can now be worked on, either by me or by others of the Debian pkg-perl team.  This included the following 9 packages:


 Checked the debian-policy package again on 20 June & found that 4.0.0-1 is now in unstable, so will be updating that in the packages I do.

Noted during a pkg-perl LHF (Low-hanging fruits) session in IRC debian-perl that both the Standards version up to 4.0.0  as well as debhelper to version 10, were getting updated.  Checked the debhelper package in Debian and Ubuntu;  10.x is in stretch as well as jessie-backports (but not jessie itself as it only has 9.2x), as well as yakkety (16.10) and xenial-backports (but not xenial itself as that only has 9.2x).  All in all; it looks like it's better to also move them to debhelper 10, and if there are any issues with building for older distributions it just won't be able to do a no-change backport to them.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Update libpgobject-type-bigfloat-perl package in Debian

Besides that there is a new upstream and so the package needs updating in any case, there's also that it is showing up with a "fail" in the CI (Continous Integration) reference at my Packages overview where the package is listed: "This package is failing and has previously passed." Several of the other modules have had similar problems although they also had FTBFS (Failed To Build From Source) issues. Found that it was failing tests, possibly because of things like the upgrade to use Perl 5.24 where the tests are running?  Will see if the issue is still present after the update to the new upstream.

In order to use the command 'dpt orig-import'  (one of the pkg-perl tools) well, it likes to have the upstream git repository URL, looking for entries for it in debian/copyright or an 'upstream-repo' remote setting in the git config, or the information being in a debian/upstream/metadata file. The one other time I tried it I added the 'upstream-repo' remote setting manually. That worked but also ended up adding  upstream tags because it also set up an upstream-repo branch where it brought the tags from upstream in order to check for what is the most recent.  Will have to use something like the 'git push --follow-tags' command (which also only require the one command) instead of the using 'git push -tags' command after pushing the commits like I've in the habit of doing.

This package hasn't had the metadata file yet because the necessary information hasn't been in the distribution archive where it could be referenced.  It is in the new upstream, so downloaded the new upstream archive manually in order to verify the information, then added a metadata file as the file debian/upstream/metadata. Imported the new upstream version, using the 'dpt import-orig' command.  Updated the packaging. Then pushed the commits for the release. And the new package version has been uploaded to Debian.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Bash scipt snippets ...

An interesting set of bash script snippets showed up as referenced in my twitter feed: