Monday, July 30, 2018

Packaging HTML::Escape for Debian

The Perl module HTML::Escape provides a function which escapes HTML's special characters and is required for the 1.6.x version series of the LedgerSMB package.

I created the ITP (Intend To Package) bug #901739 to track working on adding it to Debian.
Besides the usual packaging issues, a question also came up regarding the copyright holder on the module:  I had initially taken the list from the x_contributors list as noted in the META.json & META.yml files, and that can be taken as the list of authors which is backed up by the commit metadata  in the upstream git repository. But it was clarified for me that we (the pkg-perl team) "usually don't guess or assist them in getting their credits but just go by what upstream says".  (Which, given the number of packages that the team manages, is quite understandable.).  Since only one person is actually listed in the module as having the copyright, I went with that.

It was uploaded to the New Queue on 30 July 2018 and accepted into Debian Unstable on the same day at 9pm.

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