Monday, August 6, 2018

Packaging PGObject::Util::PseudoCSV for Debian

I'm not sure how much it is being used as yet, but I ITP'ed another of the PGObject series of utility modules as the package libpgobject-util-pseudocsv-perl, under the auspices of the Debian pkg-perl team (of which, I am a member).

PGObject::Util::PseudoCSV - parser and constructor for PostgreSQL text representations of tuples and arrays.

The ITP, #749275, was originally opened back on 25 May 2014.  There have been various issues that have delayed getting the packaging finished, the most important of which was where it was failing tests.   (See also RT # 108416.)  But that was resolved with version 2 of the module and I was able to continue with the packaging.

But other issues were found, one being just a spelling error but the other being an issue with 'PGObject' still being listed in the PREREQ_PM item of the Makefile.PL; that is still present but part of the resaon for the new v2 version was to remove that requirement.  Upstream did take care of that in the code but hadn't yet removed the requirement from the Makefile.PL file.

Opened the following upstream issues regarding those:

They were closed in June of 2018 but upstream has not yet released a new version with those fixes. Released the current version 2 as Debian package version 2-1, which includes patches for the above two issues.  It was uploaded to the Debian New queue on 6 August 2018 and accepted into Debian Unstable that same date at 1100 EDT.

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