Have lived on both coasts of the United States, as well as overseas. Native speaker of English. Used to be conversant in Italian; but no longer, due to lack of practice. Have been reading Science Fiction and Fantasy since I was a kid. Switched to using Linux as my primary Operating System for personal use in around 1998, and now primarily use Debian. Before that and going back to 1992, I used OS/2 as my primary OS. Sysop (System Operator) of a BBS in Fidonet and Othernets since 1993.

Have had training in Spanish, but still need to learn more in order to be proficient. Also had training in Italian while I was in Naples, Italy, but have also forgotten most of that due to lack of use.  Plan to learn at least some of an Asian language; possibly, Mandarin Chinese or perhaps Japanese.  For instance, my name in Japanese can be rendered as follows: